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Divine Disturbance is #47 on Amazon…let’s move it up!

Chaplain, Kansas City Chiefs
Author, Divine Disturbance: Broken to Build

This is some pretty encouraging news…Look at #47!


47 on Amazon


I hope that this will encourage you to pick up a copy today and choose to be Divinely Disturbed.  Also, remember that when you purchase the book, you get the audio book FREE (that’s 6 hours of listening to MY voice ;-)





stackedpaperback (2)



NBC Interview on Chiefs Chapel Service and Divine Disturbance

Chaplain, Kansas City Chiefs
Author, Divine Disturbance: Broken to Build

Here’s the interview that I did today that highlights the FCA Faith and Family Pre-Game Chapel service at Arrowhead as well as briefly talking about my new book release!

Here’s information about the Faith and Family Service.

Here’s information about my book Divine Disturbance: Broken to Build

Officially Launching New Book – Divine Disturbance: Broken to Build

Chaplain, Kansas City Chiefs
Author, Divine Disturbance: Broken to Build

This week has been a dream come true.  First, launching the NFL’s first ever pre-game chapel for the fans, and now launching my first book.  I didn’t want to launch just the book, but wanted to add several bonuses with it, just because!

– Audio Version included FREE with purchase –

Click on the picture to get your copy today!  

stackedpaperback (2)


This is a journey through the life of the Old Testament leader named Nehemiah.  He was a bartender (cupbearer) who changed the world for his generation.  In this book, I outline the 10 Building Blocks for anyone who wants to make their life count for more!

This book has taken THREE YEARS to complete and I am so excited to share it with you!  Please share the love and spread the word to those you know!  It will be a blessing to you and to them!

You get the FREE AUDIO VERSION of Divine Disturbance (read by the author) with your purchase!


Here is what others are saying:

“Phillip Kelley hit it out of the park with Divine Disturbance. This is a must read for anyone who has a desire to make their life count and to do it in a way that honors God. He brings the ancient story of Nehemiah to life in a way that this generation can relate. Don’t pick up this book if you want to stay the same!”

 Dr. Tim Elmore, Founder of Growing Leaders and Best Selling Author of Generation iY, Artificial Maturity and the Habitudes Series

“Those who know Phillip best know that he is relentlessly passionate about rallying people to causes larger than themselves. In his book Divine Disturbance, Phillip challenges people to seek their unique calling from God by pursuing their “Divine Disturbance.” His hope (and mine) is that you will hear from God and find your sense of worth and significance in Him and Him alone.”

Tim Howey, Senior Pastor, Grace Church (Kansas City) and Founder of Ownit365,


Here is a video of the sermon that inspired the book:

Chiefs Pre-Game Chapel Recap

Chaplain, Kansas City Chiefs
Author, Divine Disturbance: Broken to Build

Today was a day that I will never forget.  We launched the ever FCA Faith and Family Chapel at Arrowhead Stadium prior to the Chiefs noon home game against the Rams.  It was one of the most incredible ministry experiences I’ve ever witnessed.  To our knowledge, this is the first fan’s chapel service of any NFL team!  Here’s to making some history!
fca chapel week 1I was nervous about the turnout because we only really promoted it on WEDNESDAY of last week (like a few days prior to the game).  But God brought people and they heard about it via social media and came anticipating God to move in their hearts.

One of my favorite parts of the service was talking to people before the service.  There were two ladies who sat on the third row who got there at 8:15am!  They wanted to make sure they got a good seat!  We didn’t start until 9:30!  That’s awesome!  I met people all over the country who were visiting Arrowhead for the first time and came because they wanted the full game-day experience.  And boy did they ever!

Worship was amazing led by Marvin Mumford and after a quick time of my preaching, Mike DeVito did an amazing job of sharing his personal stories of what it takes to live in the second mile! Mike did a GREAT job.  At the close, I gave an opportunity for people to give their lives to Jesus and we had 8 people give their lives to Christ!  I told them that they walked into this stadium a “dead person walking” and they are leaving “alive in Christ”!

The Hunt family (owners of the Chiefs) attended as well as Chiefs President, Mark Donovan and VP, Bill Chapin.  Here’s what Mark Donovan had to tweet out:

Mark Donovan screenshot

Needless to say, we are off to a great start.  Next week is going to be just as good as we welcome Carey Casey, CEO of the National Center for Fathering as well as the former Chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys and KC Chiefs.  He’s an unbelievable speaker and one that you won’t want to miss.  See you then!

NBC Interview of Chiefs Pre-Game Chapel Service

Chaplain, Kansas City Chiefs
Author, Divine Disturbance: Broken to Build

Here is an interview that I did this morning that highlights and outlines what we’re doing this weekend at Arrowhead Stadium for the first ever FCA Faith and Family Chapel Service!  Service starts at 9:30am in the Arrowhead Pavilion (south side of stadium).

Chapel_Pavillion map



New Kansas City Chiefs Pre-Game Chapel for FANS

Chaplain, Kansas City Chiefs
Author, Divine Disturbance: Broken to Build

We are excited to announce that starting this Sunday, October 26 we will be hosting a pre-game church service for all of the fans who normally would attend church, but don’t because of the game.  I am going to be facilitating the services.  These are going to be for every NOON home game.  Here’s the official press release:

Chapel_Pavillion map

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Leads Chapel Service on Chiefs Gameday

Posted 3 hours ago

Join the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for chapel service on Sundays at Arrowhead

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is joining with the Kansas City Chiefs to offer a non-denominational pregame chapel service for Chiefs fans at Arrowhead Stadium who may miss their normal Sunday worship opportunities due to Chiefs games.

FCA Faith and Family Chapel, which will be held inside of the East Pavilion on the south side of Arrowhead Stadium, will be led by Chiefs Chaplain Phillip Kelley alongside guest community leaders each week there is a noon home game. Chiefs DL Mike DeVito will deliver the program’s first message on Sunday, Oct. 26 prior to the Chiefs game against the St. Louis Rams. Services begin at 9:30 a.m. and will conclude by 10:15 a.m. Each service will include live music as well as a message. Due to space restrictions inside the East Pavilion, seats are limited, but standing room will be available until capacity is reached.

Established in 1954 and based in Kansas City, Mo., the Fellowship of Christian Athletes challenges coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ.

Future Service Leaders:
Oct. 26 – Mike DeVito, Chiefs Defensive Lineman
Nov. 2 – Carey Casey, CEO of the National Center for Fathering
Nov. 16 – Dan Meers, “KC Wolf”
Dec. 14 – Joe White, CEO at Kanakuk Ministries and nationally renowned speaker and author
Dec. 28 – Christian Newsome, Pastor at Journey Church International

Grace Group Leader Video for Fall 2014

Chaplain, Kansas City Chiefs
Author, Divine Disturbance: Broken to Build

Church should not be experienced in a row; but in a circle.  If you are merely focused at the back of someone’s head trying to pay attention to a sermon, true spiritual transformation will seldom happen.  However, when you move from a row (sitting in church) to a circle (joining a small group – or a Grace Group – as we call them at Grace Church), the likelihood for life-change increases dramatically.

Here’s a message that I have to all of our current Grace Group Leaders (and potential leaders) for the upcoming fall season of ministry…


Here’s a brief outline of the key dates and information that was discussed:

  • In the past, we have had Grace Group launches based around a curriculum or corresponding sermon series. There will still be the option for groups to utilize these resources, but our campaigns will no longer be driven by a certain curriculum; rather, the over-all goal will be to get people connected!
  • Visit the Grace Group Resource Page HERE to get the latest resources for your group.
  • Grace Group Semester Cycle
    • Fall 2014             Sept 8 – Nov 24
    • Spring 2015        Feb 2 – April 27
    • Summer 2015    June 1 – Aug 30
    • Fall 2015             Sept 14 – Nov 23
  • Group Gathering- August 27, 7-9pm.We want and need all Grace Group Leaders to join us!
    • New Grace Group Leader Training will happen from 6-7pm (before the Grace Group Gathering)
  • Group Link – September 6/7 after each of the five weekend services (more details to follow)

The Power of Journaling

Chaplain, Kansas City Chiefs
Author, Divine Disturbance: Broken to Build

There is power in the written word.  Especially if YOU are the one who wrote it.  Journaling has a way to open up the windows of your past and doors to your future.  Here are the 3 benefits of journaling…


1. Journaling brings clarity

I usually write both in the morning and in the evening. In the morning I write out what the day brings, and then in the evening, I write how the day went. But what I’ve found is that when I’m stressed about something that seems to be big and insolvable, when I take the time to write out the problem, I’m able to gain perspective and see it in a new light.

What’ve I’ve recently done that might seem strange for the average journaler, is that I’ve been taking my written journal entries from my paper journals, and putting them into a journal software program called DAYONE. I have it on my computer, IPad and IPhone. But what it has done, it has allowed me to see reoccurring themes in my life. And now, when I’m praying about something or frustrated with a situation, I can usually track it back to a similar time in my life and I see how I responded in THAT situation. Then it gives me clarity for the present situation.

2. Journaling brings gratitude

If you are new to journaling, start with dedicating a journal for gratitude. We tend to get complacent and grumpy when we focus more on what we don’t have than on what we DO have. Start writing down all of the things that you’re grateful or thankful for. Go back in time on this too. It gets fun.

I did this recently and I went back and wrote that I was thankful for my second grade teacher, Mrs. Cram. She was one of the first people to tell me that I was a leader and that I was going to help lots of people in this world one day. Holy cow! I was teary eyed when I was writing about that situation. We have SO much to be thankful for…let’s write that down and never forget it.

3. Journaling builds a legacy

Don’t you wish you know more about your grandparents and great-grandparents? Wouldn’t it be amazing to give to the next generation in your family or those closest to you, something to pass down? This is something that we are very intentional about in our ministry.   This is a book that our Grace@Home ministry put together that helps people outline the legacy that they want to leave and gives them a place to start and a path to follow.

Also, one thing that I just started to doing is writing in the margins of a wide-margin Bible notes to my oldest daughter, Caroline. I’m going to give her that Bible when she turns 13 and hopefully, every page will have notes similar to this… Most of them are lessons that I want her to remember and things that I want her to pay attention to…When I get done, there will be literally thousands of letter letters from me to her that she’ll hopefully treasure forever.