Are you a Fighter or Flighter? How to have a Crucial Conversation

Have you ever avoided a conversation that you NEEDED to have but ran from it because you know it was going to be difficult? Have you ever argued with your spouse over something that was was really no big deal, but it turned into World War III?  Do you get defensive easily?  All these questions and more are addressed in this week’s interview.

We discus how to have a Crucial Conversation.  I highly recommend this book.  It’s a must read for anyone who works in a business, is in a family, attends a church or is breathing (I’m pretty sure that includes everyone).

Also, you can download the book summary that my good friend Pam Turner (aka “The Paminator”) put together by following this link… crucial-conversations-study (hope you enjoy all these resources!).


How to Create a Personal Growth Plan for the New Year

A few weeks ago I was on NBC’s KC Live discussing the 4 steps to developing a personal growth plan.  In this video we discuss the fact that no one ever grows by accident.  You must be intentional if you want to have your best year ever! Make the commitment that you will live with extreme amounts on intentionality in 2015!

Why Creating Family Traditions Is Easier Thank You Think…

The holidays are in full swing.  How do I know?  Because Kenny G Christmas is playing on repeat on my phone 23/7 (I take a one hour break each day).  In light of the season, I wanted to do a TV segment on family traditions.  Why are they important?  What are the benefits of them?  How can we schedule them into our already crazy hectic lives?  Watch and enjoy…

Sneak Peak at Divine Disturbance Audio Book

Here’s a sneak peak at the FREE audio book that you get with every purchase of Divine Disturbance…Hope you enjoy…Also, I’m excited to announce that the PRINT version of Divine Disturbance will be ready in a few weeks!  I’m grateful for the overwhelming support from all you who have purchased and made this dream become a reality.  I’m humbled and grateful.


DD Package white

Divine Disturbance is #47 on Amazon…let’s move it up!

This is some pretty encouraging news…Look at #47!


47 on Amazon


I hope that this will encourage you to pick up a copy today and choose to be Divinely Disturbed.  Also, remember that when you purchase the book, you get the audio book FREE (that’s 6 hours of listening to MY voice ;-)





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NBC Interview on Chiefs Chapel Service and Divine Disturbance

Here’s the interview that I did today that highlights the FCA Faith and Family Pre-Game Chapel service at Arrowhead as well as briefly talking about my new book release!

Here’s information about the Faith and Family Service.

Here’s information about my book Divine Disturbance: Broken to Build